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“After a miserable few years of endless house hunting and disappointment in the notoriously difficult Harrogate property market, hiring Sheree & Ian at Source Harrogate has been the best decision we’ve made. She found us our family home and made the impossible possible. She knows the market thoroughly, does so much research and  works tirelessly even after she’s secured you a property. We found Sheree to be a fantastic communicator; thorough, professional, straight-talking and incredibly supportive, really caring about the outcome. She made the process as painless as she possibly could and was always available for in-depth discussions every step of the way. We could not recommend Sheree & Ian at Source Harrogate highly enough and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again. We only wish we had found them sooner!”
Mr and Mrs C, Harrogate 

“We knew that the Harrogate housing market is difficult to compete in, with many cash rich purchasers who have the means to offer in excess of guide prices, and Sheree enabled us to purchase a property before it was widely advertised, at a price that both ourselves and the vendor were happy to accept. From our first meeting to the day we completed, and beyond in our case, Sheree’s knowledge of the Harrogate housing market, her professionalism, experience with the process and attention to detail meant that finding and buying our next home became an enjoyable and stress-free experience. We can whole heartedly recommend Sheree’s property sourcing services as something that every Harrogate house purchaser should consider. Engaging Sheree to help us ensured we now live in a wonderful home that, secured off market, we may not have found otherwise, and we are certain that our search would have been far more challenging without Sheree’s advice, hard work and knowledge. We wouldn’t hesitate to ask for Sheree’s help again and thoroughly recommend engaging Source Harrogate’s services to find your new home.”
Mr and Mrs P, Kirkby Overblow 

“When you are buying a house you really need somebody 100% on your side. If you are lucky enough for Sheree Foy of Source Harrogate to take you on as a client then that is exactly what you get. No aspect of your house purchase, nothing, is too much trouble for Sheree and she understands every convoluted aspect of the entire process. Sheree will make sure you and your purchase are foremost in the solicitors and estate agents minds, you will not get lost at the bottom of somebody’s pile of paperwork. She knows who to talk to and when and will do so on your behalf. Purchasing a house is, as everybody knows, incredibly stressful. Sheree takes as much of this away as is humanely possible. If Sheree will take you on as a client DO NOT hesitate. She is worth every penny and more of her fee! Involve Sheree in the sale of your house from the beginning and do what she suggests, you will never regret it. She will enable you to look at your home as an asset to be presented in the best possible way and will be able to give your loved home an objective eye. We did what she suggested and achieved a result so much better than we expected. We cannot thank you enough Sheree for all your help, encouragement and support.”
Mr and Mrs R, Harrogate

“Right from day 1 we were impressed with Sheree’s professionalism, local insight and balanced guidance regarding tactics and the whole process of buying a house. Despite having purchased a number of houses in our time we still learnt a great deal! Perhaps even more important than the above is Sheree’s pro-activity and passion to deliver our desired outcome. She absolutely fully understands the emotional and human side of this process and this comes through strongly – it manifests itself in unwavering attention to detail, excellent communication, the desire to fully understand our family and their unique needs plus literally a 24/7 style which is essential to be successful in securing your home in today’s competitive housing market. We are delighted with our house purchase which was secured off market and, without doubt, we would not have obtained if it were not for Sheree’s tenacity, commitment, local network and insight. We would not hesitate to recommend Sheree to anyone who is looking to purchase a property in the Harrogate area.”
Mr and Mrs S, Harrogate





“A timely sale of your home at the right price is where Sheree comes in. She works tirelessly to help you achieve that. Her focus and energy will inspire and help you decide what needs to be done to ensure it sells quickly, including choice of estate agent. An hour with Sheree will save many hours of wasted viewing time – you will find your home sells so much more quickly, so a conversation with her is always the best way to start your sale process.”
Mr and Mrs R, Harrogate

“Having struggled to buy our next house and following previous bad experiences, we decided that we needed help. Sheree was fantastic; she took the stress out of buying our home and made the experience so much easier for us. We valued her advice and support and trusted her judgement completely. This has all paid off. Thank you very much Sheree!”
Mr and Mrs T, Yorkshire

“You need someone on your side when buying a house in Harrogate . As far as I’m concerned there is only one person, Sheree Foy at Source Harrogate. She’s worth every penny if you really want your chosen house, she can beat the system and knows what’s going on more than anyone could imagine. We are now living in our desired home, bought at the price acceptable to us and the service we’ve had was way above anything we had reasonably expected”
Mr and Mrs W, Preston

 “We were very impressed by your professionalism and attention to detail and have no hesitation in recommending you. ”
Mrs F, Winchester


“We engaged Source Harrogate, to assist in selling our house and in our search for a property suited to our aspirations for a lifestyle change.We had a very long list of boxes to tick on our ‘wish list’. Sheree’s professionalism, considerate coaching, quiet persistence and tenacity yielded results far above and beyond what we could have ever hoped for had we “gone it alone” – all boxes ticked and extraordinary savings above fee. Consequently, we have no hesitation in recommending Source Harrogate for your next move”.
Mr and Mrs M, Harrogate

 “Sheree guided us skilfully through every aspect of the sales process to a very successful sale. Her attention to detail, determination and focus on the job in hand were exceptional. Sheree has excellent knowledge of the local real estate market and was able to work to a tight timeline. Her experience of international moves was an added bonus. We recommend Sheree to anyone unreservedly.”
Mr and Mrs M, Harrogate


“We cannot praise Sheree Foy highly enough. Her knowledge of buying and selling property is excellent. She has a thorough knowledge of the Harrogate area and found our house before it came on the market. Sheree dealt with all the negotiations for us in a highly professional manner.”
Mr and Mrs B, York

“We were very pleased to have Sheree working to assist us in finding the right property for our family in Harrogate.  Her knowledge of the area, expertise in the real estate field, and genuine efforts on our behalf were wonderful!”

“Sheree Foy is a focussed and determined individual, totally committed to achieving the best outcome. She helped us close our sale and provided clear guidance on our next purchase. I would highly recommend her”
Mr and Mrs H, Harrogate

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